So what have we been doing anyways?

In the craziness that is the first few weeks of our senior year, we have had the great joy of moving into a wonderful home together! Everything came together with a couple of U-hauls full of family give-aways and garage sale finds.  We have started to get settled in and are excited about the future of our new community– and all the joys, work and challenges that come along with it. We have worked towards our commitment to loving the earth through a practice of sustainable living with the installation of low-flow shower heads, a short shower limit, the implementation of a recycling and composting program, and the planting of a pretty fantastic (though tiny) indoor/outdoor garden. Currently we have lemon verbena, rosemary, dill, mint,  and basil. Swiss Chard seeds have been planted and should be ready to go into our garden next weekend, and we are in the process of deciding what other fall vegetables we will be able to grow. The clothesline system is going strong. Especially when we forget/don’t have time to remove our items during the day and have the lovely opportunity to collect our clothes with the aid of a head lamp. Sam the Dog has been welcomed into the family . . . . sometimes she doesn’t realize how many people she had who want to spoil and love her, but she is warming up to us. She loves Shelby.  We have constructed a make-shift, but beautiful, fence to keep this Sam the Dog out of our compost pile. . . she likes it.  She is really into composting, actually.

We have begun weekly community meetings.  Each person has taken on a role in our home– Leigh the token environmentalist, Shelby the Chef, Sarah the Chaplain, Catherine the treasurer, Jami the ambassador, and Maggie the scribe as we seek to work together as a team to get our community off the ground.  (See page titled “Community Members” for more info). Our wonderful advisor and beloved professor graced us with her presence at our first meal with a professor– breakfast at 8 AM. We enjoyed sharing ideas and being encouraged and challenged by her.  Chores have been assigned to keep our house ready for guests. (We have been fortunate enough to have quite a few house guests– which we love!  A fort has been constructed in the living room for extra excitement. All six of us are comparable to 6, not small-sized, tornadoes in a storm of transitioning back to American life after being abroad, taking on new responsibilities, overcommitment and in general, enjoying our senior years as we seek, dream up, and apply for post-graduation opportunities . We are working toward a stronger commitment to our partner, Caritas Village, serving the Binghamton community.  We believe in what they do and look forward to becoming part of their community — being encouraged by the way they love and serve each other.  Finally, we have recently received funding and are looking forward to planning some campus-wide and community-wide events soon.

Big News: We will be naming our community this week! We are down to three options and are voting on them in the upcoming days.



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