A Look Inside The Ruka Community Project

Welcome fall weather and cool breezes that have slowly lowered the temperature inside the house to a consistent 69 degrees, and made for much less complaining among the community members.  On hot days, however, the temperature soars and we curse the painted-shut windows, and those of us with ceiling fans in our bedrooms feel the jealousy of the other housemates.  Overall, we have mostly adjusted well to community life and we proudly wear socks marked with dusty spots from where they fell from the clothesline.  We have enjoyed taste-testing the raw milk to determine if it tastes different than the supermarket quality.  We frequent the farmer’s market and we are sad to see the downtown market pause for the winter.

Recently, we’ve enjoyed opening our house to many guests–some for practical reasons and others just for fun.  Adam Joplin came to borrow our dryer, which we haven’t used because we dry our clothes on the line and he found out it was broken.  He decided to use the line and Catherine tried to teach him the art of clothespin hanging, but unfortunately, two days later some clothes were still a little damp from being hung incorrectly–he sent some DELICIOUS bread to say thanks.  Maggie has been making dinners and desserts for guests, and Anna Magliolo came over to bake an upside down chocolate cake the other day.  We all reaped the benefits of a baking disaster!  We, also, welcomed a pro-stud, Austine Model from Wyoming, for salad and conversation after the marvelous diplomat, Maggie Rector, provided a tour of the campus. Recently, we’ve opened our doors to many of Sarah’s friends from the University of Memphis and Catherine’s mom came to stay with us over parents’ weekend and we cooked breakfast altogether.

As for me, I’ve been searching for Rhodes students who dig what we’re doing and want to continue it next year (if that’s you, you should email me–kinjm).  I’ve talked to some people, but mostly I’ve been searching for ways to get the word out.  I’ve helped out a little in planting the garden, and I go out everyday to check the progress of our little green patches in the backyard.  Poling the members of the house, I found out the unfortunate news that no one is too fond of turnips (myself included, although I really like turnip greens), so we’re in pursuit of a good recipe for turnips, as they’re growing well in the backyard garden.  Please comment if you have suggestions or email Shelby (krasn).


Halloween Party, exact date and time tba (email Sarah, docsg, with suggestions)

Open House for Interested Community Members for the 2011-2012 school year, date and time tba (email me with suggestions, kinjm)



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