Busy Busy Busy!

Last week we were lucky enough to have our first couchsurfer. If you are not familiar with couchsurfing, it is an international non-profit network. It connects travelers with locals in countries all over the world (Check out the website: couchsurfing.org). I first signed up for couchsurfing while I was abroad this summer to meet with locals who could show me around their cities. As a couchsurfer, you can meet up with locals and crash on their couch, but you are also expected to offer your couch for other couchsurfers when you aren’t traveling. I realized I hadn’t changed my couchsurfing profile since coming back from abroad so I decided I would put our couch up for surfing. We had quite a few responses very soon afterwards, but Kathleen was the first person we had enough time to plan for and talk it over as a community. Kathleen is from Germany and is taking some time off to travel through the US before finishing her degree in medicine. She was a wonderful houseguest and she was able to hang out with all the members of the Ruka. I would say overall our first couchsurfing experience went quite well, and I hope the Ruka is able to host many more couchsurfers.

The weekend after Kathleen’s stay was Halloween, and our very first Rhodes event, a Halloween party. We had snacks, sweets, music, some great costumes, and even a fire to make smores. Leigh and Sarah graced everyone with their musical talents, as did some of our guests as well. We all judged the party as a success (and we hope everyone who came had as much fun as we did!) It was our first big even as a community and even though it was a little stressful at times with the last minute planning which seems to always happen, it was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to have another get together soon- Christmas party anyone?

After a crazy week and weekend with our first couchsurfer, dinner with the Cates, our Halloween Party, dinner with Onie, and our 11 mile run, it was back to the books for a full week of homework, papers and exams. Not too much new has happened at the Ruka this week- mainly due to exhaustion. Sarah Dockery is currently out of town and will be playing for the SCAC championship tomorrow!! We are so excited for her and we wish we could all be there to cheer her on, but we know she will do awesome, even if we can’t be there. We had our first try at making jam/preserves with the last batch of apples and pears we got at the last weekend of the downtown farmer’s market. We were trying to make jam, but I think we came out with preserves. For our first time, I say we did great, and I will definitely be getting my mother’s homemade biscuit recipe so we can enjoy our jam soon!



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