A Week in the Ruka

So, the Ruka, as usual, has been an especially busy place this week with exams just around the corner.  Everyone is beginning to stress a little, and make use of our  kitchen and den as study areas until the wee hours of the morning.  As Catherine mentioned, we had a German visitor recently, which was very exciting and a great experience to meet someone from such a different culture who is so awesome that she was brave enough to take a trip across a completely unknown country by herself and stay with crazy people like us.  It was also fun because my boyfriend is from Germany, so they got to talk a little bit in German, which I’m sure was a much welcome break for her because she was saying how tiring it is to talk in English so much and having to think so hard about it.  Her English was very good, but, for those of you who know the inhabitants of the Ruka, we all tend to talk at about a million words a minute and, although we all understand each other just fine, other people sometimes tend to look at us like we’re speaking another language. haha.  In other Ruka new, our dog, Sammy, ate our garden…. like legit ate the little seedlings that we had worked so hard on out of the ground.  Seriously, what kind of dog likes spinach plants that much?!   Anyway, even though she’s technically a community dog this year, I brought her into the house, so I was very impressed by my roommates’ will-power in not killing her and me.  Just an example of how awesome they all are at community 🙂 Good luck on exams everyone!!!


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