Snow and Seventy Degrees??

Classes are back in full swing, many of us have been sick but are now on the mend, and life goes on at the Ruka. We celebrated last Thursday’s snow day with ENTHUSIASM. (This Thursday it was 70 degrees—crazy how that works.)  The new members of the Ruka have been selected. And. . . Ruka member Shelby Kramer is engaged!!  We enjoyed being in on the proposal with Shelby’s fiancée, and are enjoying celebrating them in this exciting time.  We have spent time reminiscing on how far we have come as friends in the four years since we have met. Time flies! 

We are looking forward to hosting Professor LaRosa and Rhodes Alums Mary Allison and Andy Cates and their wonderful little boys for dinner Sunday evening.  It’s always a treat to share a meal with people at the Ruka. We look forward to sharing in conversation with and seeing what we can learn from our dinner guests. The six of us enjoyed a slightly impromptu community meal on Wednesday.  I like these people I live with J 

Today a few Ruka members spent the afternoon at Caritas Village with the PeaceMakers afterschool program. We look forward to meeting with the woman who heads up this program, Noel, who has been living in community for many years and who has already been a great source of encouragement to us, next Monday.  Let me tell you a little bit about my favorite part of the afternoon: playing outside with about fifteen children under the age of 12.  Leigh led up a game of Little Sally Walker (as well as some pretty stellar dance choreographies), Sarah threw a mean football, and I ran around with little children.  It was wonderful. You know the term when you’re a kid—“I’m going to go play outside!” When you get older you feel like you have to define it—let’s go play Frisbee, or hit golf balls, or go running.  I think I am going to make it a goal (especially with the inspiration of this beautiful weather) to just go play outside.  How ‘bout it?



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