A Fabulous Dinner

 Dinner with Professor LaRosa and the Cates was FABULOUS. Not only did we have dinner cooked on time- for maybe the first time ever- we had a delicious dinner of noodles with vegetables and a peanut sauce, edamame, and lettuce wraps, AND rum raisin tiramisu brought by the Cates. We had great conversation over dinner and we each took turns playing with the children in the living room and outside.  They are great kids. After the Cates left- it was bedtime for the boys- Professor LaRosa stayed around and enjoyed coffee with us. He was extremely encouraging when we talked about what our plans were for next year and encouraged us to apply for scholarships such as the Rotary which funds students to live abroad for a year. Professor LaRosa is a very honest person- which I enjoy and respect. It was easy to talk to him and I think we all really enjoyed having him in our home, getting to know him a little better, and having some of his wisdom imparted on us.

We continue to be excited about Shelby’s engagement and are hoping to help with any planning she needs. Also, Jami is back on the golf course everyday as golf is now in full swing for the semester. We hope to see her at one of her matches in Memphis soon 🙂 Our famous Ruka member, the talented Leigh DeVries, will be singing jazz tomorrow night (March 2) at 7:30pm at Cafe Eclectic.  We are all attending and it is sure to be a great show so you should come out too!

With athletic practices, jazz concerts, wedding plans, and spring break just around the corner (not to mention graduation plans…ahhhhhhhhh) our current goal is to stay focused and make it -successfully- through midterms.



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