The Ruka Vol. 2


The Ruka is back! After a busy spring and summer full of transitions and travels for all of us, the torch has officially been passed and the 2011-2012 Ruka is slowly starting up. Emily Shaw, Allison Cowling, Robin Richardson, Paula Vasichko and myself are hard at work at setting up our new home, making it eco-friendly, setting up our clothes lines, compost, picking out vegetables for a fall garden, meeting with our adviser -BMZ  (who also brought the first housewarming gift-fresh from the farmer’s market!) as well as Onie at Caritas and each other as we get moving in the midst of a whirlwind beginning of the semester. Official bios and introductions coming soon, but so far we’re enjoying being together (however small those intervals maybe) and looking forward to all this community has to offer each of us as individuals and also excited about all we can offer Rhodes and the Caritas communities too as we take our first steps in our life together.

More coming soon!



3 thoughts on “The Ruka Vol. 2

  1. The Caritas Village Peacemakers are looking forward to making your acquaintance. There are 27 busy young children learning about being community, too. Come see us when things settle down. It was great to meet Paula at Music Makers a couple of weeks ago. The Rivendell Community has you in our prayers and would love for you to come visit us sometime as well. Have a great beginning. You are following a group that was very special to me and the Peacemakers. Blessings to last year’s graduates. Would love to hear from you about what you are doing.

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