Cats in the Basement and Moles in the Garden (or how things are going so far)

So far in the Ruka, we’ve done a lot of learning about how to live with each other in this sort of Christian community. It was hard at first, because while some of us knew each other before we moved in, we did not know each other quite as well as we would have liked. Thankfully, now that our schedules are beginning to calm down, we’re more able to learn about each other and grow as a community. We’ve had a couple of group dinners so far – for example, we’ve had Israeli dinner night (falafel, hummus, salad, the whole nine yards), stuffed bell peppers, pizza, and vegetarian chili – and we’re looking forward to having Professor McNary-Zak for our inaugural professor/community member dinner later this month!

A few problems have arisen, though, that have been… interesting to deal with, to say the least. Last week, as I was going downstairs to do my laundry, I discovered that a stray cat had gotten into our basement, much to my horror (I’m terrified of cats)! Allison was finally successful in luring it out the next day, which was a relief, since I was finally able to retrieve my laundry from the washing machine. Additionally, we’ve discovered some moles in our back yard, which we need to take care of before we start gardening in earnest. Other than that, though, things have been going pretty well.

We’ve also started doing service at Caritas Village, which I’m sure will only get more rewarding with time, especially as we start having more time in our schedules to go there. It’s been teaching me a lot so far, especially about how we interact with other members of the Memphis community.



One thought on “Cats in the Basement and Moles in the Garden (or how things are going so far)

  1. Oh my, cats and moles…what a way to start. The Peacemakers at Caritas are looking forward to your visit when things settle down a bit. We’re there on Tues and Thurs from 3-5pm. Blessings, Noel

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