A New Year!

Welcome back! So even though it’s taken a while for us to get going on a routine in the new semester, we’ve been back in action quickly in the New Year! Our first day back as a house, we all sat down with some food and worked out Ruka resolutions of our own.  From little things like more fun ways to spend time together, to bigger things like being more involved on campus and implementing more eco-friendly ideas into our home, the afternoon also included plenty of laughter and stories as we caught up from holiday breaks.

With that being said, we also have the beginnings of our garden! Robin craftily turned some old toilet paper rolls, a glad Tupperware into a seedling tray where we have now have the start of some mixed greens and lettuces that can hopefully be transported to our box garden when the weather gets warm. Paula has also been planning other veggies to add to our garden and ideas for an herb garden for the things we use most. Unfortunately, the recent bout of grossly cold weather has prevented anything from moving outside quite yet.

We’re also at work planning for Rhodes Relay for life which will take place on campus April 20th. For more information or to support our team go to: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/?team_id=1048380&pg=team&fr_id=40537

Something else that’s new that I have particularly enjoyed, is the wonderful welcome we have received by the Peacemakers at Caritas Village. With new class schedules, we have been able to commit to afternoons playing and learning with some of the children of Binghampton. This has been so much fun and really refreshing break from life at Rhodes-kids brighten my day and week every time!

More coming soon!

Shannon 😀


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