Bicycling and Us

One aspect that we have all really enjoyed about the Ruka is being able to welcome other people into our house. Explaining to others who we are and what we do really helps us examine how we live and what makes us different by living in an intentional community. We recently had Professor Newstok over for dinner. During dinner, we all learned a lot more about Rhodes, and Memphis itself. One of the big discussion topics was biking in Memphis. Last fall, a few of us were able to take advantage of the nice weather and bike on the Greenline from Binghampton to Shelby Farms. Talking with Professor Newstok about the new developments on that trail and the new bike lanes on several streets in Poplar got us to some interesting topics on events that happened in Memphis before any of us were here, and that none of us knew about since we all lived so far away. Overall, the dinner was a great time for us all to sit and eat together and learn a few more things about our new home.



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