Today marks the first day of summer…well at least for a few of us. Shannon and Robin still have things due until Friday, but Paula finished today and Allison and I finished last night. Allison and I had a busy day today, full of planting and cooking. After we slept in and woke up naturally (to the sun, not an alarm clock!) we put more plants in the ground. We created Berry Boulevard with our blackberry, blueberry and raspberry plants. Our watermelon plant lives on Berry Boulevard as well. We have a strawberry plant too, but that one is not quite ready for the ground. We also planted peas against the trellis, as well as okra and pickling cucumbers next to our other veggies. Additionally, we planted some sage, oregano and more rosemary in our revival herb pot. The sage isn’t looking so good, but we put a basil plant in the revival pot a few weeks ago that was on its last legs, but now it is stronger than ever!  We are hoping the same will happen with the sage. When Robin came home she helped us plant these beautiful butterfly plants, more basil, another tomato plant, and some flowers to brighten up the yard. All of our plants are still pretty little. Hopefully they will bear their veggies/fruit at the end of the summer. After our planting session Allison and I went to the market to get shrimp and veggies for a wonderful dinner. We had bought some local chorizo sausage at the farmers market over the weekend and tonight we grilled shrimp and chorizo on skewers. We also made salad dressing with the basil from our garden.

Having a garden is really cool. I have never been much of a gardener, but the idea of putting something in the ground and letting it grow into something you can later eat is so rewarding. There was a baby tomato on one of the tomato plants and I got really excited because I would be able to watch the process of it growing. I think that is the part that I find most fascinating…the actual growth of a plant—all it takes is water and sunlight. I forget sometimes that food comes from plants. I know that sounds silly, but when you are at the grocery store and there is a huge pile of perfectly ripe tomatoes, you don’t think about what state they came from, the plant they grew on, or the farmers that watered it; all you think about is how many you need for your dinner. Now that we have a veggie/fruit bearing garden at the house I look at produce a little differently. I now know what it takes to grow a tomato, or a strawberry. I didn’t know that the actual berries on the strawberry plant form from the center of the white flower. It is really pretty. Basically, I am awed by nature.



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