Meal with Leslie

While we were extremely sad to no longer have Noel leading Peacemakers, a few weeks ago we were able to have a great dinner with the new leader of Peacemakers, Leslie  Barker. It was a great opportunity to sit down and get to know each other better since some of us see her twice a week! Starting the conversation about Peacemakers in general (we could probably go on about the kids for hours), we were able to learn more about Leslie, how she became so interested in theater, her involvement in Arts Memphis, and what direction they envision for the Peacemakers program. We were able to learn more specifically about Theater Memphis and Leslie’s role there. Also, we were able to give her some of our thoughts and ideas for our participation for the rest of the semester – including discussing a day to plant with the Peacemakers and the logistics for bringing the Peacemakers to rites to play this weekend! The dinner was equally enjoyable and productive, and we are all looking forward to a fun finish to the semester at Peacemakers!



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