Life in the Ruka

By Claire Coulter

This post has been a long time coming.  But for all of you Ruka followers, here you go!

I was so excited to move into the Ruka, I mean why wouldn’t I be?  I had the chance to live with 4 of my closest friends and spend every waking moment with them.  What could be bad about that?  The first two months were hard.  We missed Lauren who was still studying abroad in Chile.  The rest of us were all over the place with our summer jobs.  Our schedules were crazy and we barely had time to hang out.  We were trying to live intentionally, but increasingly became aggravated with one another.

Soon enough, Lauren returned and classes started again.  In one of our meetings with Professor McNary-Zak, we decided to start this thing called ‘intentional buddies’.  This would be a time we would break into pairs for the week and spend individual time with our ‘buddy’ for the week.

At first I was somewhat skeptical.  How would this help?  Why would I need to spend an hour with one of my housemates?  I already see them all the time.  I don’t need this.  Oh I was so wrong!  The time I have spent with my intentional buddy each week has been the greatest blessing.  It forces me to take time out of my week to listen and hear what is happening in my roommates’ lives.  It causes me to not be completely selfish for once and really practice living in community. Sure we all live together and have meetings and such, but is it true community if you don’t take time away from yourself to care for others? Of course, these weekly meeting aren’t always serious.  I’ve had many a Frida’s date with some yummy margaritas to some late night pillow talks.

Overall, I have begun to learn what it is like to live in community.  I’m not going to lie – it can be rough.  But the time we spend together as friends reminds me why it’s worth living with such amazing people.  I am looking forward to finishing out the year in the Ruka with all the blessings and struggles that brings!


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