Your Community, My Community, Our Community

A friend recently brought to my attention that our community statement contains the word community five times – yikes!
We also do not define community. Hmm, this can get sticky/challenging/confusing.
I can’t clearly recall a time where we’ve, as a house, defined community. My definition is pretty broad: community is family, and family is community. It has been through my larger community that I have learned how a family is supposed to support and love each other. My larger community has always been there and has helped me through various stages of my life and has seen me grown up both as a student, as well as a professional. This I intentionally use “family” and “community” interchangeably because of the ways that I have come to this understanding of family. Imposing my definition of community/family on my housemates is not fair or just, which is why I encourage them to share their own definitions of community in the comments below.
Over the past months we have opened our doors to many guests: families, friends, classmates, partners, etc. In two weeks, we will open our doors to host an evening of merrymaking to fundraise for Caritas Village.
Last semester, we were able to partner up with Rhodes groups in order to fund meal vouchers to bring students to Caritas for the evening, and enjoy each other’s company over a Caritas meal and live music. Just as the RUKA, the Bonner Center for Faith and Service, and the Department of Modern Languages were able to fund meals for one evening, Caritas Village donates approximately $600 in free meals each week! We intend to fundraise enough money to alleviate one week’s meals and bring more attention to the great work and community work that is taking place at 2509 Harvard Avenue.
So, if anyone is able and willing to read this, I encourage you to share your own definition of “community” below in the comment section and share this.
Iris Ayelen Mercado
PS: Other community events coming up:
  • Gandhi King Conference @ LeMoyne Owen College April 10-11, 2015
    • Presenters from The Metta Center for Nonviolence, US Institute for Peace, Gandhi Global Center for Peace, the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, Healthy and Free TN, Center for Community Change, and many many more.
  • Immigrant Rights Presentation: Know Your Rights/Notario Fraud @ Belle Forest Community School: April 11-12
    • More dates on MSPJC’s public calendar
  • GrowMemphis: Plant Sale April 12
    • Proceeds benefit GrowMemphis
  • Rhodes Better Together Week: April 12-17
    • Join Rhodes Better Together for some amazing interfaith events April 12-17. You won’t want to miss any of our events!
  • Film Screening: Taken For A Ride: Friday, April 17th
    • The documentary is about how General Motors used their power to systematically defund public transit and lobby for highway expansion, leading to more profitable car-dominated transportation systems in America.

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