Greencork and Self-Discovery

The Rukettes had such a fun time last week at Greencork with Beverly, the Assistant Director of Career Services!  (She was our first-ever Community Meal guest this year, so it seemed appropriate to close out the year with her as well.)  We met over wine samples, a picnic basket full of cheese and crackers, and some deep fried pound cake to discuss our results from the StrengthsFinder Assessment.  Abbey, Claire, Iris, Lauren, and I had taken the test individually the previous week, and so we were meeting as a group to find out more about our results.  According to how we answered the questions in the assessment, each of us was given a list of our top 5 strengths, some of which overlapped with others’ strengths and some of which were unique to only one of us.  My top 5 strengths, for example, are Achiever, Futuristic, Belief, Learner, and Relator.  I was really taken aback by how accurately I felt that my results reflected my personality, tendencies, and priorities.  But also, the explanations of my strengths surprised me in that they seemed to be able to pinpoint parts of who I am that I had never really thought about or that I had perceived but would have had a difficult time articulating.  It was very interesting, and I highly recommend the test to anyone who hasn’t taken it.  Although my psych professors have reminded me that the reliability of personality tests can be questionable, I think taking the test and then discussing our results was a really good exercise for the Ruka.  We learned a lot about ourselves, but even more about each other.  And since our discussion, I’ve thought frequently about my housemates’ strengths during our interactions.  I’ve realized that we each contribute something unique to the house dynamic.  The Ruka works so well, in part, because it’s made up of a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and different personalities.  While some of us are better at building relationships, others of us are better at executing tasks, influencing others, or planning strategically.  If one of us were missing from the Ruka, our group just wouldn’t be the same.

I hope future Rukettes have the opportunity to discuss their strengths and weaknesses earlier on in the duration of their fellowship because it proved to be a good learning experience for all of us.

P.S. If you haven’t been to Greencork yet, go!  It’s the bomb.



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