Catherine: Gratitude

Senior year has certainly been a whirlwind –deadlines, commitments, responsibilities, relationships, and the looming worry over my post-grad future. Throughout this semester, the Ruka has been my safe place, my home away from home filled with laughter and joy, friendship and support. The intangible, immeasurable elements of this fellowship have by far been the most meaningful. It’s fairly simple to quantify the impact of our energy conservation or explain the why we purchase local food.  But how can I possibly express the value of late-night conversations or buddy time walks? What is so rewarding about joining my housemates in preparing meals for professors, reading Harry Potter with kids at Caritas, or simply doing homework together in the living room?  These experiences fostered a sense of community, acceptance, and dedication to goals that I could not have achieved alone; it is these feelings which have made the semester so gratifying. We have definitely encountered obstacles in communication and time management, but these difficulties have challenged us to effectively “name our needs”  and grow closer to one another. We have reflected on and continue to discover what it means to live intentionally. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve the Memphis community, provide an alternative space for Rhodes students, and positively impact our environment. But I am most thankful that I can share these experiences with my fellow rukettes. They are each thoughtful, adventurous, strong, and passionate in their own unique ways, and I look forward to building deeper relationships with each of them in the coming months.


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