Eilidh: 10 Things I’ve Learned Living in Community So Far

Here we are, four months out!

10 Things I’ve Learned Living in Community So Far:

  1. Everything tastes better if someone else (particularly Catherine, who is a culinary golden girl) prepares it for you except if it’s a giant carrot you pulled out of the ground with your own hands five minutes ago at Urban Farms, in which case that vegetable is the proudest moment of your college career thus far. Eating among others makes everything sweeter, too.
  2. People (women!) with seemingly similar lives can and frequently will communicate, see, love, and succeed differently, and that is a reason to celebrate. Note on the part about succeeding: being the only junior in a house of accomplished seniors is downright inspiring.
  3. Hanging clothes on the porch to dry during a rainstorm doesn’t work. (Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s worth it, but the overall experience of living in the Ruka definitely is.)
  4. Turning the shower off while shaving to save water does work.
  5. Most professors have never been to their students’ homes. Hosting them for dinner is a fun sociological experiment if not an insightful glimpse into who they are as parents, spouses, and friends.
  6. Volunteering means giving time and a hand, not advice.
  7. Paying to theoretically use a television you don’t have can be cheaper than not paying for an imaginary television when Internet deals are involved.
  8. I value communication, honesty, justice, and support. What I need and have to give differs from what other people might need or have to give.
  9. We throw better, safer, cooler parties than “male friendship clubs.” Rhodes students know how to compete, especially in costume contests.
  10. I have a lot more to learn.

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