Hayley: Love Letter to The Rukettes

I’ve spent the past three months feeling pretty dang grateful. And …stressed. But mostly just grateful, particularly when I acknowledge how the things that have me stressing are just the results of being a fourth-year student at a prestigious liberal arts college. How tragic!


I feel thankful for the Ruka in a thousand ways, but the one that consistently kicks its way into my usually self-absorbed consciousness is the blessing of living with four of the most involved, intelligent, engaged, passionate students and leaders at Rhodes College (and being advised by an inspiringly involved, intelligent, engaged, passionate, and WISE professor, BMZ). For a while at the beginning of the semester, I often found myself prostrate before my housemates’ feet, à la Wayne and Garth at the Alice Cooper show. I was not worthy! What the heck had I ever done to deserve being in a group with these women, whose accomplishments range from leading the Rhodes Social Regulations Council to founding a food recovery organization, and whose talents and souls are more beautiful still. I am but a mere mortal.

To be clear, I am still very much in awe of my housemates. It’s not that that feeling has receded whatsoever, and it likely never will, because they are the best. What has gone away is my feeling unworthy. And it’s not because I’ve made so much progress in the past three months…heh heh, au contraire! Rather, I really think that it’s a result of living in community. It’s like when Catherine pops soup in the fridge to allow the flavors to meld overnight – the ingredients were great individually, but let them sit together in a cold environment (our Ruka, do you see the simile happening?) for a while, and suddenly they’ve become this explosion of delicious flavor, unified yet individual all at once!

It’s got to be a result of the love, too. And that’s the best and biggest thing.


Now for the photographic evidence. We have shared so many unforgettable moments together already. I’m thinking of the time the five of us were packed into Eilidh’s car, dressed  as the Scooby Doo gang, and belting Hotline Bling (with the exception of Catherine, who hates that song but was a good sport) on the way home from the Caritas Halloween party.


And when Megan and I dropped the hottest album of 2015 pre-Halloween party. We took this approximately 500 times because I couldn’t stop laughing.


And when during a weekly meeting, it dawned on me that it was my half-birthday, and my housemates threw me the impromptu celebration of a lifetime (A half-eaten tub of peanut butter pretzels? You shouldn’t have!).


Also of our first harvest at Urban Farms, when we realized the joys of pear tomatoes.


And of the so many good times and good meals had gathered around this table.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m also thinking of (almost) every night, when Catherine and I inevitably fall asleep on the living room couches while doing homework and wake up at 1 in the morning very dazed and very confused about how this could’ve possibly happened again.

**scene missing**





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