Eilidh: Luck

It’s April 3rd! We had the Ruka 2016-2017 over for dinner two nights ago! Time flies! Despite how well we know we can’t really “prepare” them for an experience that will be intrinsically different from our own, I think we all really enjoyed laughing and sharing stories from our year in community with the incoming group of women. The food was excellent (as always) and the company was even better. In indescribable ways, it was exciting to share a meal with women who will get to experience something similar to my time here with my lovely people. When I think about the coming year, I am very happy knowing how wonderfully fulfilling and challenging and fun living in this house together will be for them, and it also feels extremely right knowing I’ll be moving on and “closing the circle” with the Ruka I shared this spring. (Deep breath!)

Over the next few (last?!) weeks, I’m looking forward to growing even closer with the ladies in the house as we relax and have a good time together. In the beginning of the fellowship, our intentionality took a lot of work. Deciphering personalities, quirks, needs, and preferences took time and awkwardness and commitment. Although the time, commitment and – let’s be honest about ourselves here – awkwardness still exist, I think we all have a way better time together now because we put the effort into this community early on. We worked hard, and now we’re definitely playing. I love hanging out with these people.

As the only junior in the house, my view toward the future looks different than those of the other women in the house. I’m figuring out what life will look like next year when my community is scattered and adventuring, and I’m looking forward to and yet also kind of scared to spend a bit of time living alone. (Thank goodness for phones and cars.) I feel so fortunate to have made these friends. I’m constantly learning, loving, and laughing. I recently interviewed for a postgraduate scholarship and they asked me to define “community.” Although I’m really hoping my answer was exactly what they were looking for, I’m excited to find out if I got the scholarship or not because I know that I’ll come home to a house of supportive people either way. That’s the definition. And either way, I’m really lucky.

Good luck, 2016-2017 ladies!

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Ruka from this year and next, minus Julia (Tu nous manques!)


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