Alex: Say Cheese(y)! Here Are Some Photos!

Also known as “My iPhone Needs More Storage Space So I Have Been Looking At Old Photos All Evening Trying To Pare Down And Found These Gems.”

With only a few (official) weeks left together, the five of us have been discussing what we want to look back and remember about our Ruka days. I love looking at our photos from the year so I want to share some here for all to enjoy. Excuse the poor attempt at reverse chronological order.



4.9.16: GSA Prom For All (feat. Megan behind the camera)


4.8.16: Sometimes you need to spend $70 on sushi because it’s Wednesday and you’ve made it.


When Prof. Wilkinson asks Eilidh to dog sit her 11 year old cockapoo Lilah, we choose to stay in for puppy cuddles on a Saturday night.



Photo of a photo (can you say artsy?) – us at the MGLCC February 2016 fundraiser for their Metamorphosis Project to end LGBT homelessness in Memphis.


Hayley and I got a haul from Curb Market (in the old Easy Way location) when it opened up over Easter Break. Everything from within 100 miles of Memphis! Yum.


Caught by Amurica looking rapt at a Spillit event for February buddy time with Eilidh.


Megan to the rescue for Hayley’s waterlogged phone. She revived it with that rice. And then we ate said rice. Very Ruka.


Megan’s sass knows no geographical bounds when she teases me for falling asleep at 8pm over Winter Break.


Catherine in her prime: with beets. This was the healthiest snack we ate during December finals thanks to a delicious Costco care package from bmz. Still dreaming about that biscotti…


December 2015: Ruka attends the Nutcracker at the Orpheum on the Friday of finals, promptly falls asleep in audience. This is Hayley and me attempting to wake up after being lulled to sleep by Sugar Plum Fairies.


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