Georgia: Opening Our Door

Hey y’all, Georgia here!  I am finding it hard to believe that we are already more than a month into the school year and the Ruka ladies of 2016-2017 living together.  Time is flying by and as I sit down to try to put together my thoughts and feelings, I am having a hard time coming up with the words to correctly express all that is happening in the life of the Ruka.  So with that statement as a precursor to this post, here we go.

The Ruka had a BIG week last week!  On Monday, we had our first community dinner!  After getting out of class at 6:00, I rushed home to join the other Ruka ladies in preparing for our guests to come over.  As I walked through the back door, I was instantly hit with mouth-watering smells and the sounds of the kitchen chatter and laughter mixed in with some bumpin’ rap music (thanks Oze).  We all cooked, prepared, and danced around the kitchen together in the hour before our guests arrived.  Throughout this time, we all commented about how surprised we were with how smooth everything was going and how we had not hit any major setbacks or problems.  I think that I especially was waiting for something to go wrong, constantly anticipating a bump in the road that never came.  The conversation at dinner flowed freely and abundantly and was without the awkward moments that I had anticipated would come.  Our guests seemed to have enjoyed their time and the second the door closed behind them, the five of us came together with a yell of excitement paired with hugs and high-fives.

The busy week in the Ruka continued as we hosted a “First Day of Autumn Party” on Thursday!  As we got the house ready and prepared for people to come over, I tried to worry less than I had during the preparations for the community dinner.  Not surprisingly, the worry remained.  And again (not surprisingly), nothing went wrong.  Throughout the party I loved watching the different people who came through our door.  My concerns and worries about the party were diminished as I watched how the other Ruka ladies welcome people into our home and making them feel at home there as well.  Like the community dinner, the conversation flowed freely and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time in our home.

As I reflect on the past week and especially these gatherings in our home, I am continuously thankful for the other Ruka ladies.  I am someone who is always anticipating something to go wrong in new and unknown situations, but the knowledge that I am living alongside these ladies allows for these worries to diminish.  This past month, but especially this past week, of living in the Ruka has shown me that life in this community is more delightful than I expected it to be.  May it be through community dinners, parties, kitchen conversations, abundant laughter, or even some crazy dance moves, life in the Ruka continues to show me how wonderful living intentionally in community can be.  All I can say now is I am extremely excited to see what a full year of life in this house with these ladies has to offer!


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