Georgia: Scheduling

Hello friends!  I can’t believe that there is only one week left in January.  If this month is any indicator of how the year is going to go, 2017 is going to fly by!!  I am thrilled to be back in the house with all of the wonderful women that I am beyond blessed to live with.  As I wrote in my blog for “Five Days of Ruka,” the Ruka house has turned into home for me.  Coming back from break made all of those warm, fuzzy feelings return as I am extremely happy to be back in our home.   

One of the unfortunate things that we have to do at the beginning of each semester is figuring out our schedule for the semester.  Thank goodness it only had to happen twice, because let me tell you, scheduling a pain in the you-know-what.  Imagine the dread of sitting down with five people who each have jammed packed calendars and trying to find times to have group meetings, community dinners, gatherings for Rhodes students, etc.  Now take the difficulty you are imagining and double it, maybe even triple it, and that is what we were faced with in trying to create our master calendar for the semester.

We were scheduled to make our master calendar at the end of our January retreat, but we abandoned that thought as our stomachs growled, I became hangry, and we had hamburgers on the brain.  So, on MLK day after we competed an afternoon of service in our community, we all sat down (dirty, stinky, and sweaty) and dove head first into scheduling.  What was important about this moment was not the absolute miracle that we managed to schedule everything on our list, or us finding time (even if that time is 7:00 a.m.) to share a weekly meal together, but rather what I saw as important in this moment was the desire that we had to make sure that we had time set apart to spend together.  As we noticed our schedules filling up and us seeming to be much busier than last semester (which I didn’t think was actually possible), we all expressed the desire to spend more “group buddy time,” or as I like to call it, family time. 

This week that time looked like a group trip to Yolo for some frozen yogurt and cramming onto the couch to all watch a movie together.  This moment of all of us laying together on the couch made me think about how much our relationships have changed since August.  Though our calendars may be more full and there seems to not be a surplus of time that we have available to be together as a whole, the time that we do have available we desire to spend together intentionally.  As I have thought more and more about our desire to spend as much time together as possible, I have realized that the simple explanation to this desire is that since moving in together in August our relationships have shifted and we have all truly become friends.  Rather than being “that group of girls who applied to live together for the fellowship where they shop at the farmer’s market and don’t take long showers,” we have become a group of friends who desire to love and care for one another.  I do not know exactly what this family time will look like throughout the rest of the semester, but I do know that I am grateful for a group of incredible women that are standing by my side as supporters and friends through the chaos of second semester senior year. 


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