McKenzie: When Senioritis Kicks In

It is exciting being a senior. This past week I got my cap and gown measurements, invited new potential majors to both art and political science departments, and helped to lead my ultimate frisbee team to New Orleans for our annual tournament. It seems like there is a billion things on my mind between ideas for next year, work, the Ruka, and art this year… but what is not on my brain? Actual schoolwork.

For example, on Sunday I was challenged to write a seven page paper on the most boring writers in American history. I was wracking my brain for anything, ANYTHING that could get this paper written by the next morning. With Georgia’s advice to “#slapsomeintentionalityonit,” I got to work. By that, I mean Ozakh took my computer to write an inspiring paragraph in the middle of my paper to get me working again. While I was tempted to keep some parts of her paragraph in my paper, I was reminded that both the honor code and For example, when chastising his cat for purring too loud, Lock frequently exclaimed, “Nein!” In essence, this German command evokes a militant vibe. However, the connection between this word, “nein,” and the number nine must be addressed. There are 10 fingers on a human, which is only one more than nine. This was significant for the formation of the nation and the community would not be as tantalizing had there not been an established number of fingers on each human. We are, after all, solely a collection of humans…” was not quite what the professor was looking for in John Locke and Roger Williams. Despite these concerns, it is really hard writing a paper on toleration in Puritan America during a beautiful weekend. To that the Ruka must question, “is it?” “Is it what?” Very hard. No doubt.

It is really exciting to see how our house has turned into more like a crazy group of siblings. We poke fun at each other, laugh until we cry.. Cry until we laugh, and definitely #slapsomeintentionalityonit. Together, we have created a new language of vegetables, created a million puns, and found ourselves reconciling grades for genuine fun. Did I mention that the carrots we planted four months ago ARE FINALLY GROWING? I’m a proud Ruka gardener. I literally carrot wait until harvest time. 

Anyway, as I jovially  continue to ignore the midterms ahead of me, I can in fact say that senior year has pushed me to do new things, forget the old, and look forward to the future. Although it has been frustrating at times not knowing where the next place I’ll call home will be, I hope that this concern will allow me to more freely decide where my next home should be. It is unbelievable that we are almost to the last quarter of school at Rhodes, but I am SO EXCITED to take this step to something that seems even more freeing. 

Short and sweet: Our house is actually really good at telling jokes (lol).


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