The Final Countdown (Somehow We’re Here?)

Abbie here, bringing you your weekly Ruka blog post…two weeks late. When the musical I was in ended, I thought I would have barrels of free time to do all the things I’d been neglecting. I thought I’d be skipping around in fields of flowers and going to my volunteer site so much they wouldn’t know what to do with me. But this is Rhodes, and Rhodes always finds a way to fill your time.

And the way to deal with that? Procrastination.

It’s funny how seniors are reacting to the last few weeks of college. (Lol. What. Those words didn’t just come out of my keyboard.) Everyone seems to be undergoing equal parts stress and senioritis. I didn’t think senioritis was something I’d experience, but it’s hit full force. I think part of that is a reaction to feeling things winding down. Every day, there are more announcements about what friends are going to be doing next year, and recently, the idea of finishing college has become, well…normal.

(Insert giant question mark here. I don’t know when it happened.)

As scary as being in the last few weeks of undergrad is, I’m so glad to be going through it with my fellow Rukettes. Having a group of people there to celebrate when you get good news or commiserate when you are stressed about the future or listen to you when you hear about something and have to run downstairs immediately to spew words at someone’s face (thanks, fam) has been such a good and necessary component of this whole process. When I think about the last year, I often find myself thinking about how the Ruka and my roommates have helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I definitely didn’t apply to this fellowship thinking about how creating (or deepening) four new relationships would drastically change me and how I see friendship at college. But as things wind to a close, it’s more obvious to me than ever.

So here’s to not taking these last few weeks of school for granted. Here’s to trying to live fully in the moment (and the arrival of Easter break providing the recharge I needed to do so). I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks bring, no matter the amount of senioritis I have to fight.


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