The Inaugural Ruka:  2010-2011

Jami teaches us to tie Omani Hijabs (Shelby, Leigh, Jami, Catherine, Sarah and Maggie)
We are a group of Rhodes students committed to life together. We commit to loving our earth, through a life of daily environmentally friendly and sustainable practices within our home. We commit to loving one another through an intentional dedication to a lifestyle of probing and encouraging conversations and the showcasing of our strengths and the challenging our weaknesses to create more loving and servant-hearted individuals.   Finally, we dedicate ourselves to reaching out to the greater Rhodes and Binghampton communities. We seek to offer our home as a center of hospitality and of intellectual, emotional and spiritual exchange and seek to offer ourselves as willing servants.
We find great joy in each other’s lives. We are bound up. And, so, we had a dream. What if we could be a community? What if we could learn to love each other with even more intentionality? What if we could support each other in the midst of Watson Scholarship essays, Luce Scholarship personal statements, internship placements, job searches, GRE testing sessions, and general we are seniors where do we go from heres?  What if we could, in the middle of all that craziness, be in each other’s space and heart and mind? What if our love and encouragement for one another could be poured out in the love of the earth in which we live, and our neighbors, both at Rhodes and in the Binghampton community? What would that look like? What would it look like to ask each other, and challenge each individual to ask herself hard questions? Who am I? What do I believe? Where does my hope come from? How can I best use my gifts to serve others?

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