The Ruka 2011-2012

The 5 of Us after a community meal

The second generation of the Ruka, though formed in a slightly different fashion, shares an equally unique story.  Our story begins when the inaugural six began to look at graduation and the next phases of their lives, leaving space for a new group to have the opportunity to learn and grow immensely outside of a classroom. Thus in the spring of 2011, a new group of five members made the decision to join in community. Each of us come from different places across the country, are in different years in school, and have various backgrounds and interests, but we have all come together under our shared compassion for others. After first hand experiences witnessing the chaos and joy to be found in intentional community through the first Ruka, we each were still willing to embark on the whirlwind that is life together. After much encouragement of Professor McNary-Zak and, equally as important, the friendship of the previous Ruka, along with some intense house hunting, we joined together to create our own community. Seeking to not only share space together, we wanted to know what it would be like to invest in one other, share our meals, share our time and share our lives. By opening up, and breaking down, it is our hope that we will not only serve our community and raise environmental awareness, but discover things about ourselves and each other that only could be found when one embarks on such a journey.

2011-2012 Biographies



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