Although there were no official Ruka dwellers during the 2013-2014 school year, the Ruka house is back, and, as the new Rukettes, we are very excited to be able to continue the Ruka tradition.  The five of us and our friendships go back to freshmen year when we met one another and grew closer through various circumstances: through hall bonding and wiffleball games, long nighttime chats and commuter sleepovers, through RUF and Spanish classes, carpools and Middleground study sessions.  Over time, these bonds strengthened.  Abbey, Lauren, and Sarah traveled to Ecuador together after sophomore year, and then Abbey and Lauren returned to Memphis to study and spend time with Claire and Iris.  Although we didn’t spend much time together as an entire group, our shared individual relationships with one another encouraged us to pursue a project that would allow us to live in community together and continue to grow our friendships.  We decided to apply for the Ruka fellowship.  With much guidance from our wonderful mentor, Professor McNary-Zak, John Blaisdell, and Scott Garner, we were able to successfully apply and locate the perfect house just off-campus on University Street.  It is our hope, as we begin this year-long endeavor, that we will come to know and love one another on a deeper level than we already do, that we will open our home to Rhodes students and members of the Memphis community as a safe place where all feel welcome, and that we can create opportunities here for ourselves and others to learn more about what it means to live sustainably and to engage as an active member of one’s community.  We hope you’ll read along as we impart on this journey; there are sure to be lots of adventures along the way!     The Ruka 2014-2015



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